Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop Summer Edition 2020



MARCH 24th - 30th, 2021

Are You Looking For Way to Entertain your Children? or maybe Wanting To Make Beautiful Polymer Clay Creations?

You are in the right place!

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop Summer Edition 2020

Enjoy 9 days of polymer clay video tutorials that will teach you how to make beautiful creatures, home decor, accessories, techniques, tips, tricks, and amazing games to entertain everyone. Be open to new ways of making accessories, to innovate, and create from polymer clay everything you need to bring joy and entertainment to your loved ones.

  • Aug 31st to Sep 8th 2020

This event's ended

    Pay attention to your thoughts!

    Choose joy and happiness.

    Do you want to play, laugh, and see the world from the children's perspective?

    Make funny and charming creatures that will remind you that happiness is in sharing the smallest things, playing games, and celebrating being together?

    Be original and proud to make your own pieces to play with, wear, or decorate?

    These are the three main areas in which we want to help grow healthy and happy people in the world

    Eliminate boring hours, anxiety and frustration. See the importance of playing with polymer clay, whatever the age.  

    Learn different ways to create with polymer clay through these types of activities that promote many essential attributes for a healthy life and well-being, such as cognitive stimulation, sociability, fun, breaking the routine, etc.. These are very important values always and especially at both ends of life, that is, in childhood and in the elderly population.

    Design, make, build, and assemble pieces that make up a polymer clay creation.

    Learn how to create a design on paper and turn it into a puzzle, or how to know the proportions of animal shape, or how to see with other eyes the original pieces of a board game that can also be used to create accessories to wear. Or learn how to combine so only 7 pieces to create hundreds of different figures, or how to understand the physical laws when making the pieces for a game of balance, a mobile, a hot air balloon or a puppet, or how to make your own bags with polymer clay and how to use findings and other supplies to assemble parts.

    Provide a space of joy, enthusiasm for life, and carefree while we take care of enjoying playing with clay.

    Marie Curie, a great scientist of the last century, summarizes our current reality in three sentences that have gone down in history but that today make sense:

    • The best life is not the longest, but the richest in good deeds.
    • There is nothing to fear in life, just try to understand.
    • Life does not deserve to worry so much. 

    So, let's use our time wisely playing with clay!

    Artists have prepared these amazing tutorials, especially for this event to share the immense love we have for children from

    0 to 100 yo.

    Efi Karavosiani 

    Polymer Clay Video Tutorials

    • Blanco, the sheep.
    • Chic, the baby chicken.
    • Pinky, the pretty pig.
    • Rosy, the cow.

    Kleio Tsaliki

    Polymer Clay Video Tutorials

    • Cute Baby Shoes
    • Α flying Snail
    • Glasses Case Fimo Leather Effect
    • Hot Air Balloon
    • Lighthouse
    • Butterfly, Mariposa, Farfalla
    • Monsters
    • Natasha Fishes
    • Talking About Colors
    • Turtle Family
    • Reef in a glass pot

    Evangelia Coello

    Polymer Clay Video Tutorials

    • 2D  Chess Game.
    • Color Sorting Game.
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Game and Necklace.
    • Checkers Game, Veneers, and Jewelry Set.
    • Colorful Domino Game.
    • Geometry Puzzle Game.
    • Happy Clown Marionette.
    • Jenga Game.
    • Lovely Frog Puzzle.
    • Memory Game.
    • Tangram Puzzle.
    • Tetris Game.

    This is an event made to entertain your family and specially the children…

    no matter their age, from


     with games, animal shapes, hot balloons, mythical and outer space creatures, clown marionette, puzzles, and accessories to wear

    all made out of polymer clay 

    What do you and your family get for attending to this Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop and playing with clay to do these projects?

    Give free expression to their development skills, feelings and ideas.

    Watch the kids play with clay. They will show many parts of themselves through clay experiences. You can also play with clay to get an idea of what it's like.

    Every child is different, so here they have a variety of projects to experiment with according to their skills, needs, and interests.

    They will learn that there is no right or wrong playing with clay; just what works best for them and for the clay project.

    Improves physical development, such as small and large motor skills.

    Stimulates ideas in representative ways by connecting ideas to the meaning or symbolic displays.

    Helps self-expression and communication in social and emotional skills.

    Develop techniques that show what they do and the skills they use.

    Stimulates their curiosity,

    initiative and troubleshooting.

    Interact with other people and materials

    Knowing a new material increases imagination, creativity and the desire to participate in the new project.

    Introduces clay as a regular experience, such as painting, playing with sand, or spending time outdoors.

    What makes this Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop different from other workshops?

    It costs a fraction of others workshops

    No worries about the expenses of attending a live workshop, such as flight, hanging out in airport lounges and time away from your family, hotel room to book, meals, additional payment for each masterclass, etc

    In the comfort of your home

    Be in the comfort of your home, taste and drink whatever you want while watching, listening or reading. Or better than that, go directly to create being guided by the hands of these talented artists.

    Attend from your computer

    You do not have to destabilize your daily routines, or think about who to leave children with, grandparents or dependents, plants, pets or adjust your whole life so as not to miss the event. Attend from your computer.

    Big source of inspiration

    You have more than 27 free tutorials that will be a source of inspiration at your fingertips with just one click.


    Is it really free?

    Do I have to travel to meet the artists and to attend to the event?

    I don't speak English, Will I be able to attend to the event?

    What happens if I miss my favorite artist's video?



    I am Evangelia Coello, the host, participant and the organizer of this virtual workshop

    I come from a scientific background but I have been working with earthenware and stoneware clays for over 25 years. I had my own pottery workplace in Venezuela, and I had to leave it behind when I moved to Spain.

    My curiosity for the use of different mediums to make my craft creations from my childhood days till now, has been leading me to research about the properties and versatility of a variety of materials. I discovered polymer clay 5 years ago, and thanks to the passion and enthusiasm I feel when I create anything with it, I have decided to shift my profession and become a full time clayer. That's why I'm creating this kind of virtual events, to bring this wonderful world full of inspiration, joy, relaxation and creativity closer to people worldwide.

    Be part of it. You can’t miss it!

    I created this event with the expectation of helping family members gather in a comfortable zone where  to learn, exchange ideas and techniques, tips and tricks, and encourage people to express themselves through polymer clay. I animate you to make these projects, inspire others, and invite them to play with you. Make people happy and enjoy playing with clay.

    Welcome, thanks for joining us and enjoy. 
    This event has been made for you with love.

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